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Jael: on 22 March 2010

OH --- MY --- GODDESS!


This is divine! You're too damn BEAUTIFUL!

As I said on FB.

Andy W.: on 09 April 2010

Hi, I found your website address on your Goodreads profile. I just wanted to say that you are incredibly beautiful. I'm a photographer and I pride myself in having an eye for beauty.

I have may years of photo shooting experience with many fashion models. That's what I do for living. I have to say, it's not hard to look good under layers of make up, wigs and latex. It's rather simple, almost like sculpting. Fake beauty is easy to achieve.

You however, posses beauty that is all truly yours. I've seen all of your pictures here, and you obviously look gorgeous even when doing grocery shopping in your comfy baggies. Also, with everything else that I've seen on your website, I think perhaps a part of your beauty comes from within. You shine.

I read on your website that you don't like being asked to pose in front of a camera. That's a real shame. I don't want to bother you, but if you ever change your mind, I would so love to have the opportunity to do a photo shoot with you.

All the best to you in your adventures in the world of bleeding edge technology.

Masood: on 22 May 2016

????? ????  :)

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